Welcome To NoBull Networks

NoBull Networks is a hosting provider with a difference. We’re dedicated to providing no-nonsense, efficient hosting solutions to help your business grow. We believe in Honesty First: No Gimmicks, Just Genuine Service. Enabling you to Control Costs: No Surprises, No Overage Charges. We own and operate all of the infrastructure, we don't rent from a third party.

Premium Blended Bandwidth

We leverage multiple bandwidth providers through BGP, helping data find the best path online and offering alternate routes if needed.

High-Performance Servers

Our virtual private servers are backed by SSD drives, KVM virtualization, and redundant host uplinks at 10Gbps to our network.

Invested in your success

We're here to help whenever you need us, up to three times monthly at no cost.

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Why NoBull Networks Is The Best Hosting Provider

Owned Infrastructure

We’ve cut out the middleman by taking control of our infrastructure, from our servers to our transit providers, reducing delays and boosting productivity.

No noisy neighbors

We monitor our services and adjust our virtual guest targets as needed, so there’s no fear of other customers affecting your performance.

Future-proofed Resiliancy

We take reliability seriously. Unlike many hosting providers, our standard is 10Gbps physical connectivity or higher, with a ‘two of everything’ standard.

Root administrator access

When it comes to full root access to your servers, you’re in control. You’ll have full root access to your servers, as well as options to customize.

No long term contracts

Being the best hosting provider isn’t just about offering a great service. It’s about providing services at a fair and transparent price, with no nasty hidden fees.

Don’t See What You’re Looking For?

Explore our knowledgebase or visit our client portal, where we will be happy to help you and provide any assistance and support required.

A virtual private server, or VPS, is a virtualized instance of a server. It’s like a dedicated server, but with resources that are only devoted to you. A VPS is a stepping-stone between shared hosting and getting your own machine.

Game servers are hosted applications that are used to host online games. They are used by gamers to play together over the internet in real-time.

You can use a VPS for a variety of things, including web hosting, game servers, voice servers and VPNs. Really, the possibilities are endless, with any limitations being down to the resource plan you choose and your own imagination - providing you don’t violate any of our policies.

We provide customers with a certain amount of bandwidth, like your internet service provider (ISP). The difference is we allocate this bandwidth to your server(s) directly, so you don't have to worry about other customers impacting your performance.

For example, a hosting provider could offer you 1TB of bandwidth a month. If you need more than 1TB, you'd be looking at paying around $0.03 per GB. So, if you’ve used 2TB of bandwidth in a month, you could be charged an extra $60.

While this will probably give you faster short-term speeds, it makes monthly bills unpredictable. At NoBull Networks, we allocate you a throughput rate, such as 40Mbps, and you can use that 40Mbps 24/7 for a month.

If you need more throughput, you can upgrade your plan or add-on additional throughput. While your data transfer won’t go faster than that 40Mbps, you know exactly what your monthly bill will be.